Don't Get Caught Surfing The Net At Work!

The ICUcopyclip puts eyes in the back of your head while you are at your computer! It is a rearview mirror that attaches directly to your computer monitor. Small and discreet, it allows you to keep an eye on the people sneaking up behind your computer workstation. As you can imagine this is very handy if you are ever on the playing games or on Internet at work. At home you can keep an eye on the kids and work on the computer at the same time!
The ICUcopyclip also includes a document holder that can either be placed under the rear view mirror or on the other side of your monitor. This copy clip holds one or more pieces notes of documents you would like to copy directly next to your monitor. Super handy in the office! Whether it is keeping track of notes and passwords or just copying a hand written letter this clip is a must have!

The ICUcopyclip is available shipped to your door inside The United States for $10 or less! Just choose your quantity at the top of the page or click here to learn more! (International orders please e-mail us for a shipping quote.)
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